Visual Tyre Care

The importance of visual tyre care

By visually checking your tyres on a regular basis you can help maintain them in good condition throughout their service life and prevent having them changed unnecessarily or even failing prematurely.

 Check all tyres, including the spare, for these items:

 Stones or Nails
If not removed when embedded in the tread, stones and nails can work into the casing and cause damage, possibly leading to deflation.

Oil, Fuel or Paint
Oil, fuel or paint can have a harmful effect on the rubber compound used in tyres. Oil can make the tread rubber swell, reducing the pattern grooves and affecting adhesion. Immediate removal with detergent and plenty of water is recommended.

Damage and Ageing
Damage in any form e.g. cuts, bulges, vibration or air loss must be examined immediately by a tyre specialist, as they could be signs of potential tyre failure.

Ageing, such as surface cracking or crazing in the sidewall area of the tyre, should also be examined by a tyre specialist as soon as is practical. Cracking and crazing occurs naturally through ozone damage and from over exposure of the tyre to the elements, especially sunshine. To reduce the effect, only wash tyre sidewalls when necessary and then just with water, or as little “car wash” as possible.

This advice applies equally to everyday vehicles as well as to un-run or little-used vehicles such as caravans or motor homes.

Tyre Service Life
Regular inspection by a tyre specialist is recommended and tyres which have been in use for 5 years or more should continue to be inspected by a specialist at least annually. Tyres which have been in service for 10 years or more from the date of manufacture should be replaced.

For original equipment tyres, also refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations.

Tyre Tread Wear
Tyre tread wear should be checked regularly. Abnormal wear is often an indication of a mechanical anomaly with the vehicle, such as incorrect alignment, or problems with the steering or suspension. Always have the mechanical parts of the vehicle checked and rectified by a professional.

If you are unsure about an issue you have with your tyres, then don't leave it, come and see us. Vehicle Maintenance is imperative to your safety and the safety of others.