Tyre Balancing

Do My Car Tyres Need Balancing?

If you’re having problems with the steering wheel vibrating in your car or it pulling off centre slightly, there’s a chance your wheels could need balancing.

What is balancing?

Balancing out a vehicle's wheels is the process of adding weights around the rim of the wheel. There are different types of weights that are used depending on the type of wheel and the budget you have. Balancing can be the result of constant scraping of the wheels against a curb or damage caused my constant pot holes.

When booking a car service mention that you’re concerned and that you think that your vehicle’s wheels need balancing and the mechanic will run some tests to make sure that is the issue and address it accordingly.

The Weights

As mentioned above, there are different types of weights used in the process depending on certain factors. The following 2 are the most common.

Clip On Weights – These clip around the rim of the wheel between where the metal finishes and the rubber starts. On some vehicles you can see if the wheels have needed this service in the past because there will be markings left behind.

Stick On Weights – These are self-adhesive and stuck on out of sight so that they cannot be seen. These are the type of weights usually used in alloy wheels.

Does my car need it?

The most common reason for somebody getting their wheels balanced is that when driving between the speeds of 30-40 and 60-70, there is a strong vibration on the steering wheel. This can become extremely annoying but will stop after a balancing service has been carried out.

Other reasons for balancing your wheels include preventing excessive wear to joints, wheel bearings and suspension parts. This will keep your wheels serving you for a longer period of time.

If your vehicle is due a service or MOT then ask the mechanic about wheel balancing options while you’re there. You never know, your car may need it!